vrijdag 12 november 2010

Stories in the Rain

Last Friday we were walking and talking again. With the weather we weren't very lucky. It was raining heavily and the path from Baarn to Hollandsche Rading was changing between deep puddles, less deep puddles and mud. Despite these conditions we had a lot to talk about. Malte from Oxford had furnished us the following questions:

Storying: what is it to tell a story?

– What stories do you tell in your papers, presentations and talks? What work do they do? And what counts as a story anyway?
– How do you tell your stories? Do you think about this at all? What techniques, styles, strategies and narrative devices do you use? What works for you, what doesn’t?
– Where do you get your stories from? Is there a difference between your own and others’ stories? Whose stories are they?
– What makes a ‘good’ story—and what a ‘bad’ one? What are examples of storying that you particularly appreciate? What do you like about them and what can we learn from them?
– How useful/difficult/inspiring/problematic/etc. do you find it to think about your work in terms of storying?

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