dinsdag 10 april 2012

The empirical in Brooklyn

Did you ever wonder what the "empirical" part of your "empirical research" was all about? This is the topic we discussed about while walking through Brooklyn, or, at least, the Dutch original version of it: Breukelen.

How is empirical research empirical?

Over the course of our research we collect material. We interview people, observe practices or gather other kinds of "data", papers, pictures, numbers. We do "empirical" research. But how?

What is "empirical" about your research? What kind of material do you use? What kind of material do you find easy to engage with? Which one is more difficult?

How do you mobilize your material? How do you mobilize it in papers? How in conference presentations or discussion?

What do you make your material do? Does it guide the reader or disconcert him/her? Does it convince, demonstrate, puzzle or to upset the reader?

And what does your material make of you – and of your plans, politics and theories?

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