vrijdag 14 september 2012

The case

A couple of days ago we headed off to Breukelen where we discovered a newly built ferry. Next to having fun with this mobile gadget we discussed some tricky questions.

Most of us talk-walkers work on a case. A case is neither unique, nor representative. So, what is a case? And what does it imply to do a case study?

Which case studies in the literature do you find inspiring? How do the authors present their case? What about that is similar to / different from other case studies?

What is the case you are studying and of what is it a case? What is specific about it? What does it share with other cases?

In which ways does your case study differ from other methods that you come across in the literature on your topic?

Oh, you are not doing a case study? Good. Which form does your research take? And what are the differences with case studies?

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