woensdag 1 april 2015

First walking seminar edition 2015: Absences

There will be another edition of the Amsterdam Walking Seminar on 8 May 2015!

The theme of this first edition of 2015 is Absences.
As a researcher, one tends to remark on what is present in one’s field. You may talk about this with informants; observe it ethnographically; read about it in earlier literatures. But how to also remark upon the absences? How to notice what is not said and what is not done and what is not present – for better or worse?

Here are the questions we would like to address: 
what might be relevant absences in your research field? Do you think it would be worthwhile to attend to them? If so, which kinds of absences might be most relevant?  How have you tried so far to ‘catch’  them? What other possibilities deserve to be explored? Which ways of writing might help in highlighting relevant absences? And what about the concept absent/present, does that help (as it sensitises to the traces of what’s absent in what’s present) or hinder (as it holds on to this paired opposition)?

We are looking forward to walking and talking together.

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