donderdag 27 augustus 2015


The next walking seminar will be on September 4th (from 13:00 o’clock until early evening, depending on the chosen destination). The theme, inspired by the Lancaster Walking seminar, is Anecdotes.

“Merely anecdotal” is often a put down for social science research – But when is something an anecdote? And when is it more than that? Taking Mike Michael’s chapter as an inspiration we’ll be thinking about how we may use anecdotes in our writing in a way that is not “merely anecdotal”.

Here are the questions: What makes a ‘good’ anecdote? How can ‘mere anecdotes’ be turned into essential parts of our work? How much ‘data’ does it take to make ‘an anecdote’? How many ‘anecdotes’ does it take to for materials to become ‘data’?

Recommended reading:
Michael, M. (2012). Anecdote. In C. Lury & N. Wakeford (Eds.), Inventive methods the happening of the social (pp. 25-35). London: Routledge.

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