woensdag 16 maart 2016

March Edition of the Walking Seminar coming up!

In keeping with tradition, but also to enjoy the advent of spring, the next walking seminar will take place on Thursday 24 March 2016.

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A quick recap of what the walking seminar is: the Walking Seminar is a seminar. However, it does not take place behind closed doors. Instead, seminar participants leave the city and go to some place where it is green. There they walk two by two. For some time (say, 15 minutes) their conversation focusses on the work of person A. Then roles shift and they talk (for another 15 minutes) about the work of person B. After 30 minutes there is a shift in walking partners and the process starts again. And then again. If need be, you may discuss acute research problems. However, as seminars go, we also have a shared topic/theme. 

For this edition the theme is is The field before and after you. We want to address the question how to handle things/events/figures that precede or come after you. What to do with everything that happened in your field before you arrived: how much history do you need to know in order to get a grasp of the present? And what about life in the field going on without you, what about everything that happens while you spend your time analysing and writing? Even if you seek to know ‘the present’,  what you write about lies in the past by the time your texts get published... how to assure, then, that your writings are not obsolete?

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