woensdag 13 september 2017

Next Walking Seminar on September 22nd

The topic of our next walking seminar will be "Questions to do with doing". As present day researchers, we tend to not just want to learn about people’s opinions (beliefs, feelings), we also seek to know what they do. Classically, this is where participant observation comes in. This allows for the observations of doings. However, sometimes such observation is not so easy to accomplish. The doings are too intimate or too rare or too dangerous and so on. 
Which leaves us with interviews. How to do interviews that teach you about doings? Which questions to ask? How to get through too self-evident, or non-verbal and/or contentious aspects of practices? 
And then, at a later stage (for if you have gathered all your materials this walking seminar is still for you!) – how to write about practices – on which/whose terms? How may we best navigate in our writing between academic language(s) and field/interview words?
Be welcome to join our walk-talk on september 22nd. 

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